Real reviews from real clients.

Awesome as always - Donna A.

"Joshua really gets to know your body and where your stress hangs out. He has magic hands that never miss those spots that get relief."

Joshua is the best massage therapist in the KC metro - Whittney T.

"I've been going to Joshua for a while now and his massages cannot be beat. Very intuitive and knowledgeable."

Wonderful massage - Laura G.

"Josh has a professional and gentle way with clients. I really enjoyed my massage and will be back for more."

Exactly what I didn't know I needed! - L.B.

"I traveled into KC for a Chiefs game from Vegas and booked Joshua through the recommendation of a co-workers daughter. The skill and knowledge that Joshua has is vast. With my sciatic nerve causing pain to run down my entire right leg, the massage that Joshua gave me has reduced pain and increased movement. I wish I lived in KC or he lived in Vegas, because I would wholeheartedly see him continually. I can only hope to find someone just as skillful here in Sin City. Thanks Joshua!"

Fantasic - Kristi K.

"As always Joshua does an amazing job with every massage that I receive. I continue to return every few months. He truly is amazing at what he does. "

Stress Relief!! - Kim M.

"First visit and I must say. I have been getting treatments for 15 yrs for a chronic back condition and I feel like this one was one of the best I have had. I felt much better after!! "

Best massage I've had - Mia B.

"Perfect amount of pressure and attention to trouble spots. I only wish I'd had 90 minutes instead of 60! Thank you so much, Joshua. "

Best Massage Ever!! - Thomas H.

"This is the best massage I've ever had. Joshua was attentive to parts we discussed and he made me feel at ease and comfortable!!!!!!"

Professional and knowledgeable - H.G.

"Joshua is extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the human body. He uses this knowledge to give a soothing, deeply healing and pointed massage. I have used his services for nearly a year and will continue to do so."

Simply the Best - Deena Z.

"Josh is simply the best massage therapist I have ever found. I lift heavy weights and he always is able to get out my knots without putting me through pain. It is always a relaxing experience and he is so knowledgable in his field!"

Amazing!!! - T.N.

"Joshua does a wonderful job!!! After one of his sessions I feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I'd highly recommend him to my friends and family. "

Therapeutic and relaxing. - Patrick F.

"I feel very comfortable under Joshua's care. His vast experience and gentle nature are contusive to my recovery. I whole heartedly recommend Joshua for your next massage."

Haleli is a treasure in our city. - Bill D.

"I really don't want to write this, because I don't want Josh so busy that I can't get in to see him. But, I have to be honest and tell you that Joshua's anatomical education, combined with his therapeutic and relaxation massage and energy work techniques are powerful and profoundly beneficial additions to my life. I wish Joshua could be cloned :-) and the world could experience what he can do. It would be a calmer and clearer world."

Best Massage Ever. - Amy S.

"Found Joshua through a LivingSocial deal. It was the best decision ever. Working and going to school leaves me worn out and stressed through my shoulders. Joshua finds every knot and focuses on where I have the most tension. I wish I could bring him home with me. It is difficult because I want to tell everyone how great he is but I want to keep it to myself so I can have more appointments. "

Unbelievable Massage! - Angela D.

"My husband & I had been going to Joshau on a regualr basis for almost 2 years now. Every time is better than the last. His techniques, his touch is magical. I will fall asleep while he works on me and wake up with all my aches and kinks gone. What more can I ask for. He is a God send!!! Love him. I am afraid we couldn't get in easily on his schedule any more due to all the good reviews he gets."

I love this place. - Donna W.

"What a beneficial AND relaxing massage. Josh is great at finding the bad places. I enjoy the atmosphere and the wonderful fragrances of this facility. I am now a 'regular' and very happy with the entire experience. Try the hot stones once. "

Excellent - Diana E.

"I haven't found a better massage therapist in Kansas City. He does a great job creating a calming, relaxing environment and gives a truly excellent massage."

Great, as always - Lisa M.

"A massage w Joshua is always a great experience. He's the best massage therapist I've ever been to!!"

Rubbed the right way - R.B.

"I have been going to Joshua on a monthly basis now for the past year. I have done that for a reason: his massage technique is exactly what I need--physically and emotionally. Before every session, he always asks if there is a part of the body that may need special attention. He is solicitous to my needs. I intend to continue with Joshua well into the next year!"

Wonderful, relaxing session. One of the best I've experienced. - Christine T.

"You know the service is good when the masseuse is booked months in advance. The session was one of the best I've experienced. I left refreshed and relaxed. Joshua is a magician. I once lamented that I live so far from Santa Fe, NM which is known for its spas, but the hot stones session was perfect and this is now my new "go to" place. Five stars without hesitation."

Massage - Pam B.

"My first visit to Haleli - WOW! I had a wonderful massage and am still feeling very good today. I am now looking forward to my next appointment."

EXCELLENT - Jessica L.

"I've only had a handful of massages in my life and normally I don't like it that much. This is the exception. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, I have already paid for another. Thanks so much!!"

Excellent Massage - R.B.

"Joshua gives a great massage, being very solicitous to the needs of the various parts of my body. A true professional, a massage from Joshua was truly excellent!"

Excellent Massage!!! - D.D.

"Joshua gives an excellent massage. The pressure was perfect and adjusted, when needed. He has very intuitive hands. Stretches were great - slow with excellent control. He is a fantastic therapist!!!!! Booked four more appointments after this massage."

Perfection! - Kelley M.

"Joshua is one of the calmest people I've ever met. From the moment he touched my back, I knew all the reviews were well earned. He is a treasure! "

Feeling refreshed! - Pamela C.

"Joshua has been my massage therapist for the past three years. I initially bought a groupon and was more than pleased with the service. I have said before he has magic hands, and I truly believe he does! He is knowledgable and professional. You should definirtely give him a try!"

I can't say enough - Joshua J.

"I have been getting massage from Joshua for 5 years now. He is very strong, yet gentle. He continues to take more classes to improve his knowledge and skill set. One of the things I appreciate the most is that Joshua is by nature a reserved person. You can rest assured he isn't going to talk your ear off or burden you with details about his personal life. The massage is truly about helping you relax, unwind, and removing any pain/adhesions that may be bothering you."

Great massage therapist. - Donna A.

"Josh is the best ever. He is very intuitive and finds all the tight places with just the right pressure. Highly recommended."

Best massage of my life! - Whittney T.

"I hope Joshua nevers leave KC! He adeptly finds and dissolves any knots with finesse. I recommend 90 minutes. "

Great, deep, intense massage. - Jeff C.

"Joshua is very strong and very thorough. I'm impressed with his skills. Not just going through the motions like so many others, he pays great attention to detail and form. I truly felt better than I had in months. I can't wait to return."

Best prenatal massage - Dionne R.

"I tried 2 other prenatal massage places and wasnt too impressed but Joshua is fantastic. Very knowledgeable about what I needed. Gave me the right amount of pressure. I left his office feeling so much lighter on my feet. Actually walked faster than I ever did at 24 weeks gestation. I am so ditching my other therapist even after this pregnancy. He needs to find a way to clone himself so he can have more appointment slots. My husband is 6'4", 220lbs and he loves Joshua too. "