Basic Service

All of the massage services provided at Haleli Wellness incorporate long, relaxing strokes combined with therapeutic deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. During the session, healing energy work is implemented to help the client achieve a zen state. Unless otherwise requested, a massage will be full body.

I offer sessions in 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute increments.







Choose one at the listed price or combine two addons for $15 to elevate your massage session.


Hot Stones - $10

The stones are used while performing strokes and when cooled enough are placed strategically upon the spine to help melt the stress from the tissues and muscles. Hot stones have been proven to help the body's fascia relax and melt which can assist with movement and pain relief.

Peppermint Foot Scrub - $10

End your session with a refreshing sugar scrub applied to the feet to help make them softer and more supple. Afterwards, a cooling peppermint creme is applied that tingles, refreshes and moisturizes tired feet.

Hot Cupping - $10

Utilizing a western style, hot cupping is used to help separate the tissues during the massage to increase circulation and to help melt away problem areas.